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Fostoria, OH 44830

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Our Inventory


Item #1

Size:  12×16
Style:  Garage
Id #:  GRTR-1216-08174151
Price:  $4,175.00
Metal Color(s):  Taupe
Roof/Trim Color(s):  Rustic

Item #2

Size:  10×16
Style:  Budget Utility
Id #:  BUSB-1016-0218670
Price:  $2,175.00
Metal Color(s):  Lt. Stone
Trim Color(s):  Brown

Item #3

Size:  10X16
Style:  Lofted Garden Shed
Id #:  LGTU-1016-0916570
Price:  $3,121.00
Metal Color(s):  Taupe
Roof/Trim Color(s):  B. Slate
Notes:  Original Price: $3,285.00

Item #4

Size:  10×16
Style:  Lofted Garden Shed
Id #:  VLGFK-1016-01174121
Price:  $3,775.00
Vinyl Color(s):  Flagstone
Roof Color(s):  Black


Item #5

Size:  8X12
Style:  Garden Shed
Id #:  GSGC-0812-08142118
Price:  $1,734.00
Metal Color(s):  Gray
Roof/Trim Color(s):  Charcoal
Notes:  Original Price: $2,040.00

Item #6

Size:  8×12
Style:  Lofted Barn
Id #:  >LB2R-0812-01172190
Price:  $2,295.00
Color(s):  Wood
Roof Color(s):  Rustic

Item #7

Size:  10×16
Style:  Utility
Id #:  UT4R-1016-03184170 – new siding!
Price:  $2,845.00
LP Smart Siding Color(s):  Driftwood
Roof/Trim Color(s):  Rustic Roof/White Trim

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