Delivery Details


Pressure Treated Shipping Rails: Your structure may be placed directly on the ground due to the pressure treated 4x6s. It is important to leave an air space under the floor so as to NOT trap moisture.

Stone Pads: Your structure may be set on a 4″ to 5″ deep pad of 3/4″ clean or 2B stones (1/2″-1″). This is stone without powder/dust mixture. The reason is that the dust eventually washes away and may cause additional settling. In order to inhibit weeds and deter moisture, we recommend that the stone perimeter extend 12″ beyond your structure perimeter. Do not store mulch or topsoil against the side of your structure. A stone pad can be installed by framing with landscape timbers or 4x6s and then filling flush with stone, or by digging out 4″ of soil and installing ground level stone.

Concrete Blocks: If your structure is 10×12 or under you can set it on concrete blocks, blocking should not extend more than 6″ out of the ground. In order to avoid a large step into the shed, we recommend you use 2″ or 4″ concrete blocks or dig the blocking into the ground near ground level.

Concrete Pads: Your structure may be set on a concrete pad. When installing your concrete pad, keep your pad as close to ground level as possible.

Proper Care: Given proper care your structure will exceed its lifespan. Moisture is the enemy. Airflow is the solution. Do not set anything against the exterior of your structure for extended periods of time. Do not plant flowers, shrubs, or trees directly next to your structure.

Site preparation: An existing level site is required to set your structure properly. If your site is not level your doors will not operate properly and the overall structure will not hold its integrity while settling.

Site accessibility: (Power lines, trees, tree branches, rocks, fences, posts, mailboxes, other buildings, and anything in the way of the truck or placement are your responsibility to move.) Prior to delivery, please clear the path to your structure’s foundation. Doing so will help cut down time on station expenses. NOTE: If site is inaccessible, for any reason, our driver may unload your structure as close to the intended site as conditions permit. This is called a CURBSIDE DELIVERY. The truck and driver must be able to drive out from under the structure.

Property damage: Resulting from inaccessibility, soft ground, trees, wells, septic systems, etc..

Ground conditions: The ground must be hard enough for the delivery company to drive on to accomplish the job. Therefore, if the truck/trailer gets stuck, you will be responsible for the tow truck expense. We will not be responsible for any ruts, tire marks, or any damage caused by normal delivery.

Local Building Codes: Codes vary from town to town all throughout the US. You, as the purchaser, are responsible for being aware of what those codes are, making sure both the structure and foundation are in compliance with your zoning department. You, as the purchaser, are responsible for obtaining any required permits.  You will be responsible for any costs incurred by Miami Valley Barns, LLC in dealing with your local zoning ordinances.  If you are required to have specific designs/materials etc., please review that with your sales representative and we can assist you. Custom design is available as the product/design/service allows.

Tax Charges: For orders made from within the United States sales tax will be applied to all orders. Our business is operated from the State of Kentucky.



If you order your Barn, Shed, or Garage within 40 miles of any dealer. This includes Grand Lake area, Findlay, Columbus, Dayton, Cincinnati and surrounding areas. Also included is Northern Kentucky area. Live outside these areas? Call us for pricing today!

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