Mid-Ohio Motorsports, Galion, OH

Our Address:
7435 St. Rt. 309
Galion, OH 44833
Contact: Shane Willacker

Prices and product availability are subject to change without notice. All specials and promotions limited to stock on hand. Call for current prices.

Our Inventory
Item #1
Size: 10×16
Style: Budget Utility
Id #: BUSM-1016-02227112
Price: $3,345.00
Metal Color(s): Lt. Stone
Trim Color(s): Crimson
Item #2
Size:  10×16
Style:  Garden Shed
Id #:  GS4R-1016-08214315
Price:  $4,750.00
LP Smart Siding Urethane Color(s):  Driftwood
Roof/Trim Color(s):  Rustic Roof/White Painted Trim
Item #3
Size:  12×26
Style:  Lofted Cabin
Id #:  LCTU-1226-02212339
Price:  $9,575.00
Metal Color(s):  Taupe
Roof/Trim Color(s):  B. Slate
Item #4
Size:  8×12
Style:  Garden Shed
Id #:  GSGM-0812-02222392
Price:  $3,150.00
Metal Color(s):  Gray
Roof/Trim Color(s):  Crimson

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