Build Details

Here you will find extensive information concerning the barn construction materials we use. From the roofing to the flooring, we believe you will be pleased with the craftsmanship put into each of our items.

At Miami Valley Barns, the process is what perfects the finished product. By using tough barn construction materials, you receive a durable, long-lasting item. We only craft with materials that protect, seal out moisture, and provide you with years of use.

If you have questions or concerns regarding our barn construction details, you can contact us anytime. We also offer more than barns. Whether you need a cabin or chicken coop, we still use the same great components to create your product.


Vapor Barrier
Standard on all our roofs!
Reduces building condensation
Reduces heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer
*except Budget Series

Tread Plate
All Garages have a Steel Garage Door tread plate to protect the entrance

Steel Gussets
We use steel Gussets on all trusses and door frames.

Loft Details
All lofted buildings have two loft areas with a four foot access opening.


Frame Construction
Vinyl building stud framing is 16 inches on center, trusses are two foot on center.

Floor Construction
With our 4×6 Skids, 2×4 floor joists
and 5/8” Treated plywood flooring
we have one of the strongest floor
systems in the industry.
Our floors are built to never rot out!

Frame Construction
We use 2×4 stud framing on our
walls.  Premium metal series have
2×4 purlins every 4 feet.

Our 2×4 reinforced doors are
designed to seal out rain
and rodents and are key locked
for your protection.

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