Product Details

Weight: Approximately 650lb     Price: $2,195
*360 Blinds are only stocked at Kentucky locations.
*May be ordered at any Ohio dealer.
*All blinds are priced to be picked up by customer.
*Delivery and setup available.

The 6’ 360 Blind offers you everything the 5’ Blind offers, just a little more floor space. That extra space opens up the option to have a second person along with you to enjoy the hunt. Whether it’s another hunter, mentor hunters, or someone video taping the hunt, you will have plenty of space! This blind was also designed for the rifle hunter and the crossbow hunter in mind. Not only do you gain space over the 5’ blind, you also get an additional two windows that open and two peep* windows, giving you a total of 25 tinted windows! You will also notice how quiet it is moving around in your 6 x 6 360 with the standard carpet on the floor. Like all the blinds in the 360 family, this is a solid wood framed blind with painted LP Siding, inside and out, with built in 4×4 pockets for a tower stand. All the larger windows open with our sand bag weighted window system, the quietest opening window on the market! The seamless Conklin waterproofing acrylic roof coating will stand the test of time and the snow loads that will crush other blinds. Don’t forget, this blind can be purchased in kit form or assembled.
*Peep Windows are view only window and do not open.
You can find more information about 360 Hunting Blinds at Black Creek Enterprises