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Product Details

With solid wood frame construction and seamless acrylic roof, the 360 Series is built to provide hunters with many seasons of comfortable, weather proof hunting. Get tired of sitting. Stand fully upright in the spacious 6 foot 6inch high interior. Our twelve by eighteen inch tinted windows feature a state-of-the-art window raising mechanism – a perfectly silent, one handed operation that is ideal for gun or archery hunting. The 360 Series ships in kit form and it’s unique design ensures that it can be fully assembled in less than one hour. Grab a power drill, a step ladder and a hunting buddy to get started.

360 SERIES Standard Features
• 5’ x 5’ Diameter
• 6’, 6” Interior Height
• 24” x 60” Door
• 12” x 18” Tinted Gun and Archery Windows
• Solid Wood Frame Construction
• Painted Interior and Exterior
• Seamless Synthetic Roof Coating
• Black Camou age Accents
• Built in 4×4 Pockets for Tower Stand
• State-of-the-art Window Raising Mechanism
• Ships in Kit Form
• Two Man Assembly in Less than One Hour

360 SERIES Upgrade Options
Bow Hunter Package: Upgrade wall height by 6” and increase window size to 12” x 24”.
Deluxe Window Package: Upgrade to 11 windows for full 360 degree view Non-opening Peep Windows installed at Standing Height Above Each Window
Deluxe Floor Package: Pressure treated plywood oor and marine grade outdoor carpet
Spray Foam Exterior: An exterior spray foam coating option is available on pre-assembled blinds to provide insulation and scent barrier.
On-site setup: Expert setup of your new hunting blind at your location.

Things to compare when purchasing a hunting blind:

  • Blind Spots: Be sure to compare the 360 view from our blinds to the many blind spots our competition’s blinds have. Windows in every direction!
  • Weighted Windows: All windows fully slide open and stay open with innovative sand bag weighted system. No swinging windows! They also slide QUIETLY. Never spook any game when opening these windows! Windows are also tinted to conceal movement.
  • Quality Material: We consider the LP siding and Conklin roofing system to be superior to any other product on the market. Feel how “SOLID” these blinds are! No woories about spooking game when you shift to another position in these blinds!
  • Precise Craftmanship: Every piece is carefully measured and assembled for a tight fit.
  • Painted Exterior: All blinds are painted with a commercial, rubberized green and black paint to blend into the natural surroundings.
  • Weather Sealing: Weather strips are installed in all windows and doors for scent control and wind protection. This also makes them easier to heat.
  • Carpet: Blinds come with carpet on the floor and the option to add it on the walls.
  • What does this mean for the hunter?? A much better chance for a successful hunt!!